How to Download all EPFO Forms

Find below list of all EPFO forms including PF withdrawal form and transfer form .

All Download EPF Withdrawal Form

Form 19

EPF Form 19 is used to withdraw all your provident fund amount. You can submit it after leaving your service or retirement or termination. In no case, your PF can be stopped from withdrawal. click here to Download form 19

 Download Form 19

Form 10C

The EPF Form 10-C is used along with Form 19 and Form 20. It is submitted towards settlement of PF under old Family Pension Fund. It is also submitted to withdraw PF under New Employees’ Pension Scheme EPS 95 or for issue of Certificate for retaining membership. { If you are under 58 years old }. click here to Download form 10-c

Download Form 10c

Form 13

Download revised EFP Form 13 to transfer your PF account. It is for transferring your EPF Account from previous company to current employer. click here to Download form 13

Download Form 13

Form 14

EPF Form 14 is needed to when you want to finance your LIC policy from your PF amount. click here to Download form 13

Download Form 14

Form 10-D

This is a Pension Form 10D required to get pension. The person himself or his or her nominee can apply for pension amount by using this form. Nomination form Form 2 will also be required if the nominee is claiming for pension. click here to Download form 10-D

Download Form 10-D

EPF Form 20

In case of demise of EPFO member, a family member can submit Form 20 and claim the member’s PF amount. Other documents like Death Certificate,  Form-2 and Birth Certificates of children are to be submitted with Form 20. click here to Download form 20

Download Form 20

Form 31

This PF withdrawal form is for loans and advance withdrawal from your EPF account. You can withdraw your PF amount in advance for loans for various reasons. Like medical treatments, house loan or marriage. EPF Form 31 is also known as EPF Advance Form or Advance PF withdrawal form. This was the list of all significant PF Withdrawal Forms to withdraw your PF. click here to Download form 31

Download Form 31

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